Live/Work in Brooklyn, NY

BFA California College of the Arts 2012 




Pith, Hashimoto Contemporary, San Francisco, CA


Thick, Crush Curatorial, New York, NY



Greenpoint Group Show, Harpy Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

SKINS, Greeenpoint Terminal Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Us, Ed. Varie, NY, NY

Seed, Paul Kasmin Gallery, NY, NY

The Ashtray Show, Fisher Parrish Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Clay Today, The Hole, NY, NY

A World Of People (curated by Dani Orchard) Underdonk, Queens, NY

Fugue, Honey Ramka, Brooklyn, NY

Bodies of Work, Brilliant Champions, Brooklyn, NY


Pls Reply: A Conversation Between Sculpture and Movement, Sleep Center, NY, NY

Figured Out: Bodily Form In Contemporary Ceramics, Andrew Rafacz Gallery, Chicago, IL

Summer Sessions, Heaven, Chicago, IL

Sad Intention, LVL3, Chicago, IL

Muscle Memory, Athen B. Gallery, Oakland, CA

January, Harpy Gallery, Rutherford, NJ

The Way You Look At Me, Gainsville, FL


Winter Group Exhibition, Athen B. Gallery, Oakland, CA

Velvet Ropes, curated by Charlie Roberts & Chris Rexroad, 86 Forsyth, NY, NY

The Last Supper, Turpentine Gallery, Oakland, CA

Not For Sale, Girl On Girl Collective, Brooklyn, NY

Eat Me, Junior High, Los Angeles, CA

Heat Wave, Stephanie Chefas Projects, Portland, OR

4%ers curated by Rachel Ralph, Athen B. Gallery, Oakland, CA

Playing The Field, Artist Run Art Fair, Open Space, Baltimore, Maryland

Got It For Cheap Vol. 1 curated by Charlie Roberts & Chris Rexroad, Black Bear, NYC

Got It For Cheap Vol. 2   " ", David Risley Gallery, Copenhagen

Got It For Cheap Vol. 3   " "  Steinsland Berliner Gallery, Stockholm

Got It For Cheap Vol. 4   " "  Agnes B’s Gallerie du Jour, Paris

Summer Group Show, Hashimoto Contemporary, San Francisco, CA

Faces & Vases, Royal None Such Gallery, Oakland, CA

Sorry Dudes, Goodmother Gallery, Oakland, CA

Not Ur Baby II, Oakland Terminal Gallery, Oakland, CA

Hanging Gardens, Athen B. Gallery, Oakland, CA

IN/OUT, Walkers Point Center For The Arts, Milwaukee, WI

Subtle Gaze, Gravity Gallery, Aspen, Co


Soft Bargain, Goodmother Gallery, Oakland, CA

Get Small 3, Turpentine Gallery, Oakland, CA

Cut, Dreamers And Make Believers, San Francisco, CA

Group Sext, Insight, Venice Beach, CA

Co Lab, Athen B. Gallery, Oakland, CA

It Does & It Doesn't, Alter Space, San Francisco, CA

Some Proof with Milo Moyer-Battick at Classic Cars West, Oakland, CA

Shining Mirage, Turpentine Gallery, Oakland, CA

Naked Bedroom Jams, Milo's, Oakland, CA

Hang Tang, Sgraffito Gallery, Oakland, CA

Run It, Penthouse Gallery, Baltimore, Maryland

Die-O-Rama, Turpentine Gallery, Oakland, CA




Sulphur Cinema, Turpentine Gallery, Oakland, CA


Stonerdrome, The Boat, Oakland, CA


Crossing Into The Cinematic, Impact 8 Print Conference, Dundee, Scotland (Screening of "Osaka"

Moving Images, Turpentine Gallery, Oakland, CA (Screening of "'Sup Doggle?" in collaboration with Grace Lannon)

About Oakland, By Oakland, The Great Wall of Oakland, Oakland, CA (Screening of "Osaka")

Kalassal Film Screenings, Kala Gallery, Berkeley, CA (Screening of "Osaka")



HARP (Horse and Art Research Program), Barnag, Hungary, 2017

Acre Residency, Stuben, WI, 2016

Puppets in Prague, Prague, Czech Republic, 2014

Venice Art Project, Venice Printmaking Studio in Venice, Italy, 2014 

Kala Art Institute’s Yozo Hamaguchi Emerging Artist Award 2012, Berkeley, CA




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Artist of The Week Interview with LVL3 Media:

Interview with Rachel Ralph for Athen B. Gallery

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Jung Katz Interview



Founder of Turpentine Gallery in Oakland, CA

Kala Art Institute in Berkeley, CA since 2012