SKINS at Greenpoint Terminal Gallery

I'm in a group show of nudes opening Friday, Sept 7th in Brooklyn at Greenpoint Terminal Gallery where I'll be showing this new painting Perennial! ***



Heather Benjamin
Mark Ryan Chariker
Madeline Donahue
Jenna Gribbon
Kate Klingbeil
Katarina Janeckova
Haley Josephs
Irena Jurek
Doron Lanberg
Sophia Narrett
Jenny Morgan
Rebecca Morgan
Emilia Olsen
Danielle Orchard
Erin Riley
Leonard Reibstein
Emma Stern
Margaux Valengin
Kyle Vu-Dunn
Lily Wong

September 7 – 15 and October 6 – 20
Opening reception Friday September 7, 7-10 pm

Although in recent history figurative art was, at times, deprecated by abstraction, the urge to replicate the human form always predictably reemerges. It’s an attraction that is traditionally and cross-culturally prevalent. We have been our own artistic subjects from the dawn of time. 

But what draws us to replicating our likeness? Does it help us understand the universal human condition? There is versatility in the subject. On one hand, man is a god-like creator, and, on the other, he is mortal and the body fragile. There is much that can be embodied in the human figure. There are many messages that can be conveyed, but arguably its strength, as a subject, comes from its ability to link us together.

The nude is our most essentialized form. It is us at our most vulnerable, without emblematic costume signifying class, culture, or personality. In our nakedness, we lose signifiers of our hierarchies and become our animal selves - natural, innocent, without pretense. As humans we do everything we can to separate ourselves from the hive. We denounce the instincts that govern the ant colony, the herd of buffalo, the flock of geese. We build testament to our individual intellect and reasoning, but this denial of our true animal-pack nature leads to chaos in the flock, opening the herd to discord, and the colony to turmoil. 

Skins is a celebration of the body, in its pure, natural vulnerability and beauty. It is also a reminder that we are always both separate and whole.

Venice Studio Project

This past September was spent on the Island of Murano, outside of Venice, Italy at  a residency by the Venice Printmaking Studio. For three weeks I worked to make monotypes on their etching press, culminating in a  glass master at the glass school, Scuola del Vetro A. Zanetti translating one of my monotypes into a 12" glass sculpture.